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  • Mobile Phone Accessories Industry

    Mobile Phone Accessories Industry

    The mobile phone screen tempered protective film is only a small part of the iceberg of mobile phone accessories, but it belongs to the industry of mobile phone accessories and consumer electronics products. Today’s news is about “the struggle for survival in the mobile phone tempered...
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  • OPPO Reno 8

    OPPO Reno 8

    There are clear sky blue, tipsy, night travel black three colors. Beautiful, better shot: cloud double mirror design;  50 million water light portrait three photography;  32 million super-sensitive cat eye lenses. Strong performance: longevity version 80W super flash charge;  Phecda 1300 flagship...
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  • Vivo X80

    Vivo X80

    At the end of April, the vivoX80 series was officially released to the world. As a milestone of vivoX series' 10th anniversary, X80 series dual core adaptation of all models brings the second generation dual core flagship standard;Devices, algorithms and software are upg...
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  • Samsung S23The rear camera is very unique!

    Samsung S23The rear camera is very unique!

    It was reported on May 6th that a Samsung concept machine was recently exposed. The name and model of this concept machine is Samsung Galaxy S23. Because the machine adopts a very special rear camera shape, it has attracted the attention of many digital enthusiasts. Here...
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  • Keeping pace with the times and self-innovation

    Keeping pace with the times and self-innovation

    Our mobile phone screen tempered protective film and tablet screen protective tempered film belong to the mobile phone and tablet peripheral accessories industry. This industry has great prospects for development, but the competition is fierce, see if you can survive in ...
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  • Screen protectors have broad prospects

    Screen protectors have broad prospects

    With the continuous advancement of technology and the advent of the 5G era, the mobile phone market continues to expand. my country’s mobile phone sales are becoming more and more popular, and this has also driven the sales growth of mobile phone accessories and fast-mov...
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  • New phone released

    New phone released

    Honor Play6T series new product launch will be officially held, this honor Play6T series has Play6T and Play6T Pro two products.  ”Big” can rest assured: 256GB super large storage space, can store more than 50,000 photos, let painful deletion gone forever.  ”Big” can pla...
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  • 23 Mobile Technology Waves for 2022

    23 Mobile Technology Waves for 2022

    In order to be successful in any business, you’ve got to always keep your finger on the pulse,stay updated with industry trends in addition to researching your competitors, It’s no secret that our world is moving in a mobile direction.That’s why every business, regardles...
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  • Are mobile phones/tablets the mother of the protective film industry?

    The production of tempered protective film is needed for people's life: from the use of mobile phones/tablets, the need to protect mobile phones and tablets, and the needs of protecting people's eyes and anti-fatigue. Let us discuss in detail the above...
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  • iPhone new product release

    iPhone held its first event of 2022 on March 9, Beijing time. The price of iPhone13 series remains unchanged, with a green color scheme. The long-rumored iPhone SE 3 made its debut, and a new Mac Studio workstation powered by the M1 Ultra chip was unveiled.  First up was the expected iPhone SE 3,...
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  • 2022 iPhone SE Highlights 1. Classic Home Button & Touch ID

    In the first Apple presentation in 2022, in addition to the surprise launch of the "Pine Ridge Cyan" iPhone 13 Pro and the new design of the green iPhone 13, it will also upgrade the iPhone SE, the most popular "HOME button, Touch ID" phone in the past...
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  • A Small Film Make A Big Impact On Industry

    A small perfect film has an influence that you cannot underestimate in this production process industry. Today we will talk about how a small perfect film is produced and what are the effects. The development of an industry affects the development of surrounding industries. Of course, our mobile ...
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