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  • Moshi Brand & certificate

    Moshi Brand & certificate

    Today, let’s talk about the existing certifications, testing machines, testing instruments, etc. of Guangzhou MOShi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In the picture above, “iPhone | iPad | iPod” is the designated supplier of Apple MFI certification、ISO9001 quality management sys...
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  • Moshi Smart Watch Tempered Glass

    Moshi Smart Watch Tempered Glass

    Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your smartwatch maximum protection from drops, scratches, bangs and scrapes with industry-leading glass strength of 9H hardness. Innovative VEMOSUN adhesive coupled with our unique wet-install method ensures a super easy, bubble-free, and frustration free insta...
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  • Enterprise spirit culture

    Enterprise spirit culture

    The construction of enterprise culture is the inner need for the survival and development of enterprises in the new century. The construction of enterprise culture, give full play to the role of people, is a trend of the development of enterprises in today’s world, is the New ideas and conc...
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  • “Focus, Innovation, Win-Win, Long-Term”

    “Focus, Innovation, Win-Win, Long-Term”

    “Focus, innovation, win-win, long-term”this string of characters is the philosophy that we have been adhering to for more than ten years in the field of screen protectors. Focus and Innovation:These two phrases mainly describe that our MoShi company is persistent and deeply rooted in special res...
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  • Company Introduction

    Company Introduction

    Founded in 2005,Moshi is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development,design,production and sales,focusing on screen protectors only.The company is mainly engaged in high quality screen protectors of various brands.Such as Apple,Samsung,Huawei,Xiaomi and other brands.As well as...
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  • Issues needing attention in order

    Issues needing attention in order

    Order process First to the workshop to find the arrival of the naked pieces or inventory of the naked pieces, according to customer demand order quality inspection, count and check.  If there is an emergency special item, or the production is urgent and accessories are insufficient, according to ...
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  • Guanzhou MoShi Co. Do Both OEM & ODM

    Guanzhou MoShi Co. Do Both OEM & ODM

    Guangzhou MoShi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a magical existence. This company has hundreds of people. There are hundreds of bosses, shareholders, managers, salesmen, workshop production employees, front-end production personnel, and back-end packaging personnel. The No. 1 character is a co...
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  • Tribute to mother, gratitude to mother’s love

    Tribute to mother, gratitude to mother’s love

    The first bird song in the morning wakes up the deep sleep, and a new day begins; the first cry in life wakes up the mother's love, and a new life sets sail. In Moshi heart, motherhood and love are equal, and motherhood is forever. On Mother's Day, we honor mothers! We a...
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  • Early this morning, we took the subway to set out, came to liupian

    Early this morning, we took the subway to set out, came to liupian

    Mountain known as the "tears of Guangzhou".  After checking your equipment and warming up, start climbing.  I was already tired after walking up the stairs for less than five minutes. After all, I haven't done any exercise for so long.  However, there is rarely a group b...
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  • The Moshi family

    The Moshi family

    Today is the day before the Chinese New Year holiday, we have a meeting in the factory.  The bosses all made a few remarks summing up their achievements over the year.  However, due to the impact of COVID-19, students in various industries are not doing well. It is thank...
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  • Are you still looking for mobile phone accessories suppliers?

    Are you still looking for mobile phone accessories suppliers?

    Are you still looking for mobile phone accessories suppliers? Can't find a high-quality product? Still worrying about unsatisfactory product quality? Are you still worried about the sky-high commodity prices?  This “ ”is our website to allow you to full...
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  • Steps for screen protector

    Steps for screen protector

    Today, I will take everybody show the style of our MoShi company over the years. As follow:Everyone should have read the previous news. They all involve and already know that our MoShi company was established in 2005, that is, it has been more than 16 years since 2005 t...
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