Screen Protector Industry

The screen protector industry is a broad term including mobile phone screen protectors, mobile phone camera lens protectors, smart watch protectors, tablet screen protectors, etc.

Mobile phone accessories include mobile phone screen tempered protective film, mobile phone lens protective film.

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The mobile phone lens protective film has an extra layer of protection and costs less, and the maintenance cost of the lens film is no less than the maintenance cost of the mobile phone screen.


The mobile phone screen protector not only protects the mobile phone but also protects our property and eye health, such as this silk screen green tempered film.

Most of the watch films are suitable for smart watch films and watch cases. For example, Apple’s smart watches and Samsung’s smart watches cost hundreds of dollars. There are watch tempered film, PMMA watch film, TPU watch film and TPU watch case are used to protect the watch from being scratched and broken.


Tablet iPad screen protector has silk screen privacy tempered tempered film, green light pupil protection tempered tempered film, resin tea blue eye tempered tempered film this is a tool that we use for up to 8 hours every day at work, and it is an essential function to protect our eyes. The product update auxiliary film tool is also upgraded and updated. If you do not follow the development of the industry market, you will be eliminated by the industry market.


No matter what industry you are in, you must follow the changing needs of the market and update production. Whether you can survive and grow in the industry depends not only on the strength of your technology and factory strength, but also on whether your market positioning is accurate, and whether it meets the needs of consumers. Satisfying consumers is the biggest achievement, so we Mo’s slogan is: Your satisfaction is the pursuit of our MoShi people.

Post time: Jul-11-2022