Mobile phone screen protector industry is subsidiary to mobile phones

More and more mobile phone film manufacturers in my country are gradually shifting from the ODM/OEM model to the ODM/OEM + independent brand model, trying to build a mobile phone film brand belonging to China through rich OEM and manufacturing experience. Representative companies include Bunkers , Baseus, Flash, NSFOCUS, and so on.


Under the self-owned brand model, mobile phone film manufacturers formulate product demand according to customer orders and market forecasts before production. At the same time, focus on superior resources and energy to do a good job in sales management and sales support, with the help of the deep network advantages of dealers, quickly establish a marketing service network with wide coverage and complete system, always pay attention to data such as product sales flow and users, and implement refined operations. . Realize rapid response to market changes, quickly occupy and expand market share. Manufacturers under the independent brand model have larger profit margins.


It can be seen that the development of the mobile phone film industry has an obvious feature – subordination, the mobile phone film belongs to the accessories of the smart phone, the mobile phone film industry continues to grow with the development of the smart phone, and the technological evolution of mobile phone film products is also accompanied by smart The shape of the mobile phone screen is constantly changing.
At the same time, the mobile phone film industry also has seasonal characteristics. Due to the annual “Spring Festival”, “May 1″, “November”, “Christmas” and other festivals, the consumption of smart phones in the market will increase significantly, and manufacturers will stock up in large quantities before this period, usually this stage is also a mobile phone film Manufacturer’s production season. In addition, with the rise of e-commerce in recent years, the first few weeks of promotional seasons such as Taobao “618″ have gradually become the peak sales season for the industry.
Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have begun to reposition the design, brand and craftsmanship of mobile phone film products, and “Chinese mobile phone film products” are expected to become “Chinese mobile phone film brands”.

Post time: Aug-16-2022