XiaoMi 12S Ultra

The Mi 12S Ultra, the first model jointly developed by Xiaomi and Leica, will go on sale for the first time on July 8, starting at 5,999 yuan.  The latest addition to Xiaomi’s high-end rise, the Mi 12S Ultra not only features authentic Leica images and the first SONY IMX989 with a one-inch professional outsole, but also offers a completely new performance experience.  In addition, Xiaomi also brought three premium services, including quality problems three guarantees of replacement period extended to 30 days, 400 exclusive VIP customer service fast channel, 50% discount screen saver/extended warranty service, etc.  A full range of high-end experience has helped Xiaomi’s high-end market rise strongly.


The Mi 12S Ultra is equipped with Leica professional optical lenses, 8P aspherical high-lens lenses, and ALD ultra-low reflection optics technology to significantly reduce glint and glare problems, and to further reduce unwanted light with exclusive edge by edge inking technology.  The main camera adopts the complete one-inch professional outsole IMX989, which is jointly developed with SONY. The light-sensitive area is 2.73 times that of iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the light-sensitive capacity is improved by 176%.  It is equipped with a 128° ultra wide Angle lens and a 120X submersion telephoto lens, all of which are Leica Summicron certified.  In addition, the Mi 12S Ultra is the first Leica classic and Leica Vivid original flagship with four Leica stylized filters, Leica watermarks and Leica shutter sound to create the most authentic Leica images.

Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ processor, the Mi 12S Ultra looks like a half-generation upgrade, but the experience is a complete upgrade.  Combined with the advanced blade cooling pump cooling technology and an excellent energy efficiency ratio, the Mi 12S Ultra is on par with the industry’s best iPhone 13 Pro Max in terms of battery life and can be used all day long.

Post time: Jul-16-2022