Apple’s new system

Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and other new versions of its operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference.  Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted that a public beta of new versions such as iOS 16 would be released this week, in sync with the third developer beta.  In the early hours of July 12, Apple announced the first Public Beta of iPadOS 16.  This version allows non-developer users to play with many of the new system’s features and submit bug feedback directly to Apple.


Currently, it is known that the beta version may have bugs affecting normal use or compatibility problems with third-party software. Therefore, it is not recommended to upgrade the beta version on the main PC or working device. Please back up important data before upgrading.  From the experience so far, iOS 16 has improved the lock screen feature to be customizable with wallpaper, clock and widgets, while notifications now scroll from the bottom.  Multiple lock screens are also supported and can be linked to focus mode.  In addition, the messaging app has received some updates, including support for editing, deleting, and marking messages as unread, and SharePlay is no longer limited to FaceTime, so you can use the messaging app to communicate with the people you share content with.  Speaking of FaceTime, calls can be transferred from one device to another, while health apps can now track the medications you take.

The lack of capacity in some iPhone 14 lines was reported in the first half of this year.  Currently, the full range of iPhone 14 products are in mass production, but Apple has not disclosed whether the specific production capacity of the iPhone 14 has been resolved.  The iPhone 14 launch is likely to be one of three.

Apple has yet to make any official comment on the matter, so let’s just wait for the September event and all will be clear.

Post time: Sep-22-2022