• TPU Screen Protector

    TPU Screen Protector

    Protective film, in terms of function, is to put a layer of film on the physical object we want to protect so that it will not be damaged. Now there are AR anti-reflective film, AG frosted anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film on the world , privacy film and other functional protective f...
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  • Resin anti-peep toughened film

    Resin anti-peep toughened film

    According to the marketable product available perspective, it can be divided into: about 25 degrees available perspective;  About 30 degrees can view, about 45 degrees can view, etc.;  Through the anti-peep schematic diagram, it can be seen that the smaller the viewing Angle, the larger the anti-...
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  • Nokia tablet

    Nokia tablet

    Nokia, once the giant and absolute king of the global mobile phone industry, has long since become a struggling niche brand in the low-end market.  There were a lot of loyal fans who would have supported Nokia phones.Fortunately, with a large number of function machine users around the world in t...
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  • Apple’s new system

    Apple’s new system

    Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and other new versions of its operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference.  Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted that a public beta of new versions such as iOS 16 would be released this week, in sync with the third developer beta.  In th...
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  • Moshi Brand & certificate

    Moshi Brand & certificate

    Today, let’s talk about the existing certifications, testing machines, testing instruments, etc. of Guangzhou MOShi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In the picture above, “iPhone | iPad | iPod” is the designated supplier of Apple MFI certification、ISO9001 quality management sys...
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  • iPad Pro 11 Inch Tablet Tempered Glass

    iPad Pro 11 Inch Tablet Tempered Glass

    iPad Pro 11 Inch All Models Tablet – Tempered Glass, Apple Pencil Compatible . Compatible Devices IPad Air 5 10.9 inch, IPad Pro 11 inch, IPad Air 4 10.9 inch 2020 Material Tempered Glass Brand VEMOSUN Special Feature Scratch Resistant Screen Surface Description...
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  • Mobile phone lens film

    Mobile phone lens film

    Some people ask: is lens film really necessary? As mobile phone constantly update, by plane before cameras to highlight the camera today, so the resulting problems also arise, because the camera is outstanding, it is easy to lead to cell phone camera scratched, the problem such as broken also bec...
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  • Mobile phone screen protector industry is subsidiary to mobile phones

    Mobile phone screen protector industry is subsidiary to mobile phones

    More and more mobile phone film manufacturers in my country are gradually shifting from the ODM/OEM model to the ODM/OEM + independent brand model, trying to build a mobile phone film brand belonging to China through rich OEM and manufacturing experience. Representative companies include Bunkers ...
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  • Honor X40i phone

    Honor X40i phone

    Honor X40i phone officially launched, the initial price of 1,599 yuan.  Honor X40i carries Breguet 700 chip, has 8+128GB, 8+256GB, 12+256GB three memory versions, has rose star river, star dream silver, black jade, magic night black four matching colors.  The Honor X40i features a 6.7-inch singl...
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  • Moshi Smart Watch Tempered Glass

    Moshi Smart Watch Tempered Glass

    Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your smartwatch maximum protection from drops, scratches, bangs and scrapes with industry-leading glass strength of 9H hardness. Innovative VEMOSUN adhesive coupled with our unique wet-install method ensures a super easy, bubble-free, and frustration free insta...
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  • Enterprise spirit culture

    Enterprise spirit culture

    The construction of enterprise culture is the inner need for the survival and development of enterprises in the new century. The construction of enterprise culture, give full play to the role of people, is a trend of the development of enterprises in today’s world, is the New ideas and conc...
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  • New ! iPhone 14 series tempered glass screen protectors

    New ! iPhone 14 series tempered glass screen protectors

    Are you also looking forward to the launch of the latest iPhone this year as much as we are? — iPhone 14 series — We all know that the iPhone releases a new phone every year in September. We had preliminary data as early as the end of May. Therefore, we customized and produced the tem...
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