Guanzhou MoShi Co. Do Both OEM & ODM

Guangzhou MoShi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a magical existence. This company has hundreds of people. There are hundreds of bosses, shareholders, managers, salesmen, workshop production employees, front-end production personnel, and back-end packaging personnel. The No. 1 character is a complete team standing at the end, just in line with the slogan on the company wall: “A lot of people together are called a party, and a lot of people together are called a team”.

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Guangzhou Films has developed several mature and well-known brands in China, but there is only one iHAVE direct selling brand overseas, which is not well-known, and now it is necessary to want a brand to open an independent station, so it is named VEMOSUN and its url is . we welcome you very much to visit this website. Maybe there are products you like and want.

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Continuously develop new products, keep pace with the times, and meet the growing needs of consumers. Just the latest dust-free warehouse tempered film quick-stick box.

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The research and development of this new product really reflects that the ODM team of our MoShi company is strong enough. We also do OEM, that is, large customers provide samples and we store samples for production. As the so-called factory processing is, it is the production of equipment and labor. Production workshop working environment is clean and tidy. The team works together to create miracles and create greater glories

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The development history of more than ten years does not appear out of thin air. The main reason is that the boss is amiable and caring for the employees. The employees feel the warmth and naturally work hard and treat the company like their own home. The salesmen of the film company worked hard to win orders from customers. The production supervisor reasonably arranged the production period, and delivered the order on time. The perfect cooperation could not be achieved without more than ten years of experience.

Post time: Jun-15-2022