Issues needing attention in order

Order process

First to the workshop to find the arrival of the naked pieces or inventory of the naked pieces, according to customer demand order quality inspection, count and check.  If there is an emergency special item, or the production is urgent and accessories are insufficient, according to the packaging accessories, manpower, etc., to communicate the need to check the naked pieces first.  After the quantity is counted, the warehouse is transferred to the finished product workshop.  Finished product workshop storage, income ready for production.  Order scheduling according to the prescription, manpower, packaging, etc., start production, in line with the order shipping standards!

Issues needing attention in or1

Phenomena to be avoided in production:

1.Rework problem points and analyze to avoid repeated mistakes;

2.Start production at the same time to avoid double registration, the overlap of quantity, the record of order data;

3.Follow up the timeliness of order production as well as the quality of products;

4.Outer packing, alcohol package, manual classification, outer box specifications.

Issues needing attention in or2

We will make a plan for each step, step by step, to reduce the probability of mistakes:

1.Establish form publicity system, the quantity of packaging accessories;

2.Improve stock accuracy of raw and auxiliary materials, and order quantity calculation accuracy;

3.Define the impact conflict between production schedule and delivery time;

4.The abnormal phenomenon caused by reasonable planning in production, such as: rework, bad, label, bar code for re-production and rework, the consumption of manpower time will also cause the decrease of production efficiency;

5.As far as possible to achieve the same, product, packaging, specifications of the same production, avoid excessive handling caused by handling waste phenomenon and labor loss;

6.Can determine the order label bar code output.

Issues needing attention in or3

Please trust our customers, believe in our quality, bold can rest assured order, we will check every step, will do the best, let you satisfied!

Post time: Jun-15-2022