Moshi Smart Watch Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your smartwatch maximum protection from drops, scratches, bangs and scrapes with industry-leading glass strength of 9H hardness.
Innovative VEMOSUN adhesive coupled with our unique wet-install method ensures a super easy, bubble-free, and frustration free installation that will leave our screen protector perfectly contoured to your Smart Watch.


Once this optically transparent tempered glass screen protector applies to your device, it will be the True Touch feel, and the line seamlessly merges smart watch protection and user interactivity into a single enjoyable experience. Optically transparent, virtually invisible and HD clear tempered glass screen protector. A great alternative to a typical static cling screen protector.
The versa screen protector glass will stick to the screen seamless. Unlike other soft plastic protectors, The adhesive of the tempered glass screen protective cover worked well and there were no bubbles after applying.


VEMOSUN screen protector incredibly easy to install using the provided suction cup. This screen cover has the round edges making it stay on better, easy to wipe off dirt and fingerprint and doesn’t tamper making it peel.
Good AB glue is ultra-thin, with higher light transmittance, good exhaust, and more sensitive touch. Second exhaust”, “automatic fit”, “no white edge”. In response to the problem of easy broken edges, there is another process in the industry, which is “two strong”, the so-called two strong is the second strengthening. The two strong process can be further improved The strength of tempered glass. Repair the invisible cracks on the edge of the glass caused by cutting.


Watch tempered glass Supreme Edition, global patent, comprehensive high-quality evaluation report; a film, guarding the watch, keeping a heart, made in China, core craftsmanship, and excellent quality—Produced by Guangzhou MoShi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Post time: Aug-06-2022