Why do people prefer to buy the lens protector for Honor Magic V’s modes

When buying a new smartphone, it’s important to protect it. Because every day, we are asked to do a lot of movements. Many times, we happen to make a sudden movement, and soon our smartphone can drop to the ground in no time. However, your phone is very fragile, especially the camera lens. The Honor Magic V’s camera lens is protected with high-quality tempered glass, and there’s more to grab your attention.


1) Opt for an easy and very ingenious solution to protect the camera lens of your Honor Magic V’s . This tempered glass has a minimum thickness(0.2mm) and will fit perfectly with the lens and the contours of your smartphone.Once in place, it will only add minimal thickness to your smartphone.

2) Designed from a high tenacity 9H tempered glass, the camera protector keeps your Honor Magic V’s lens in pristine condition while leaving optimal image clarity for natural photos without any loss of contrast or sharpness. The lens is thus protected both from scratches but also from external shocks.

3) As this is a high quality tempered glass protection and not a traditional plastic film, this protection does not cause any bubbles during its application.

4) Its oleophobic coating protects the surface from what could result from traces of oils or other cosmetics, contaminants, etc. So you will not have a rainbow effect thanks to this. Fingerprints can easily be removed with a microfiber cloth. Simply enjoy optimum clarity and a clean, pristine camera lens.

5) Camera protection film specially designed to fit your Honor Magic V’s. Designed exclusively for  Honor Magic V’s with custom cutouts, compatible with all Honor Magic V’s cases, provide maximum protection for your phone’s back camera protector.

6) Designed specifically for your Honor Magic V’s, this tempered glass camera protector is an ideal solution to suit all your photography needs.


The Honor Magic V’s lens protector is very small creative and practical products, the smallest square centimeter on its surface deserves optimal protection. the lens protective film is with built-in metallic glass, the invisible protection of lightweight materials not only protects the iPhone, but also no affects the camera. welcome to inquiry, the sales will response quickly, Thank you.


Post time: Apr-15-2022