Vivo X80

At the end of April, the vivoX80 series was officially released to the world.

As a milestone of vivoX series' 10th anniversary, X80 series dual core adaptation of all models brings the second generation dual core flagship standard;Devices, algorithms and software are upgraded comprehensively to reach a new realm of mobile images.  This release includes X80, X80Pro, X80Pro Breguet 9000 three models.

According to reports, X80 series is equipped with leading the second generation of dual-core flagship standard from the research chip V1+, both image and performance of the two functions, not only let the image function again evolution, but also computing power breakthrough application in the performance and display field, bring more powerful game experience.

In terms of hardware, X80Pro adopts ultra-low reverse ultra-hard AR coating and ultra-low dispersion and high permeability glass lens.  In addition, the X80Pro is equipped with the Zeiss portrait micro head, which is the first of its kind in the industry, to improve the stability of hand-held photography. The anti-shake Angle is up to three times that of the normal OIS, making portrait photography more stable and clearer.  Among them, Zeiss Natural Color 2.0 can restore the natural colors seen by human eyes with fine and accurate adjustment.  From night HDR to professional portrait, from city close-up, color expression to motion capture, vivoX series expands the scope of influence of mobile image again and again, and gives birth to a series of deep image algorithms such as RAWHDR, micro and nano skin rejuvenation, AI portrait enhancement, adaptive motion exposure control, intelligent color restoration, and full-link color management.

In terms of screen, the vivoX80 all uses Samsung E5 screen.  On this basis, X80Pro is equipped with 6.78-inch 2KE5 supersensible free screen, local peak brightness reaches 1500nit, supports LTPO free frame rate, reduces screen power consumption and improves dynamic display fluency through intelligent frequency conversion.

Vivo X80

Post time: May-12-2022