Toughened film for dust-free tank pull box

Toughened film for dust-free t1

Are you still using the old film?

Before the film: the steps are complex, difficult to operate, the film process is easy to dust, easy to produce bubbles.

Now this dust-free tank pull box toughened film, automatic alignment artifact, refuse to stick crooked!

Toughened film for dust-free t2

We have three. Hd, silkscreen, and voyeurproof.

Full screen coverage, upgraded electrostatic adsorption, automatic ash adsorption, edges and corners completely fit not into ash, wool, dust, do not touch.  Do not jam hands, refuse to block the screen with black edges.

Fast film, not broken edge, scratch resistant, high clarity, high penetration, full package, edge coverage.  Arc surface 3D enhanced edge, anti impact smooth without cutting hands.

Super wear-resistant, resist hard objects around, super strengthening, each piece of glass after secondary strengthening, hardness enhancement, scratch resistance.  Upgrade the process, many times to strengthen the surface without fear of scraping.  The screen slides freely and smoothly without leaving a trace.  Upgrade electroplating, AF anti-fingerprint coating technology, sliding screen is not greasy. The introduction of super – grade imported anti – fingerprint coating technology to ensure lasting smooth and smooth.

Integrated molding design, accurate alignment, directly cover, no need for hole position, no bubbles.  No splicing design, waterproof and dustproof, does not affect the sound of the receiver.

There is no lag in unlocking in one second, and the iPhone sensor is not affected. It can unlock face recognition in seconds even at night.

Shell you change, dust-free tank pull box toughened film is versatile, compatible with a variety of mobile phone cases, no top shell, no warping.

One cover one slide, simple and convenient!

Toughened film for dust-free t3 Toughened film for dust-free t4

Film sticking steps: 4 steps to fix, not crooked.

1. Place the toughened film in the mobile phone and clean it;

2. Cover the film box and pump the isolation film;

3. After finger pressing and sliding, wait for 20 seconds, then open the film;

4. Remove the positioning film.

Toughened film for dust-free t5

Dust-free tank pull box, quick stick toughened film, film is so simple, zero experience can accurately stick the film!

Post time: Jun-15-2022