Resin anti-peep toughened film

According to the marketable product available perspective, it can be divided into: about 25 degrees available perspective;  About 30 degrees can view, about 45 degrees can view, etc.;  Through the anti-peep schematic diagram, it can be seen that the smaller the viewing Angle, the larger the anti-peep Angle, the better the anti-peep effect.

At present, there are about 7-8 manufacturers in the global production of anti-peep film (especially anti-peep structural layer). In terms of overall quality, the products of foreign manufacturers do well, with high light transmittance and good anti-peep effect.  The consistency of quality is also very good.  Companies like 3M, Japan,Korea.  Domestic peep film manufacturers are still catching up.


What is a good anti-peep film?

A good anti-peep film must be the first requirement is good anti-peep effect, the second requirement is high transmittance.In addition, the anti-peep film can not have stripes, can not have black spots, no scratches on the surface. Anti-peep film in the current production technology is still a lot of technical difficulties need to breakthrough, such as the overall light transmittance is not high, the current material transmittance distribution between 50% and 85%;  Overall color is dark, slant gray black.


Does prevent peep film have effect to eyesight?

Usually have this question because of the anti-peep film, the brightness of the original screen is reduced, some have stripes, some are on the anti-peep film surface with frosted (AG treatment, the main anti-glare, reflective need) texture discomfort. It is recommended that you use anti-peeking film, the brightness of the appropriate brightness, computer anti-peeking film on both sides can be outwardly, under strong light or suggest AG surface (fog surface) outwardly, can be anti-reflective, can also prevent scratches, AG surface has been hardened, surface hardness in 3H; The obvious stripes are caused by the processing technology of anti-peep film, which can be solved by selecting products with strict quality control.

Post time: Sep-22-2022