Privacy screen protector

Have you ever used a peep-proof tempered glass screen protector?

Process: Our anti-peep film adopts hd glass layer made of original screen glass material, LG anti-peep optical coating, higher visibility.  Anti-peep film open the original ID face induction, anti-peep and does not affect the use of Windows will not produce white edge, screen printing area does not leak light, no burr burr edge;  Full screen coverage to the edge without fear of breaking the screen. Anti-peep Angle 28°, effectively protect the privacy of using mobile phone, 360° anti-peep.  Good toughness, can bend 160° and U type, not broken edge can be trusted to fold in half, good toughening effect is not broken edge, the use of diamond reinforcement layer, the edge does not scratch hands, no gap, presenting a good visual effect.  Fast exhaust, no hand push, only 3 seconds to finish the row, good exhaust, strong adsorption, real machine film test no bubble, touch screen sensitive, does not affect the operation.

Test: AF anti-fingerprint plasma spraying, test initial droplet Angle ≥115°, coating film AF coating film is uniform, the whole surface is smooth and not sticky fingerprint, watermark, watermark, hand sweat.  The edge compression resistance of toughened film can reach more than 20KG when the blank holding test is carried out.  The 64G steel ball was used in the falling ball test to impact the center point three times at a height of 80CM, without breaking, and the deformation degree and rebound of the tempered film were within the range.  Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, scratch resistance is more than 10 times of the ordinary tempered film on the market, friction resistance test more than 4500 times.

Functions: silky handle, isolated fingerprint oil stains, a new generation of AF electroplating coating, anti-fingerprint effect increased by 46%, lasting dry screen.  More private, more confidential, more professional, more secure when you’re in public.  In a high-density office, the public and private chat content will not be peeped;  You can use your phone on public transport without being seen by the person sitting next to you.

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Post time: Apr-15-2022