Moshi new second-generation intelligent cloud screen protector cutting machine

Moshi new second-generation intelligent cloud screen protector cutting machine

Display according to the data, there are various types of mobile phones in the market. Users' demand for functional screen protector such as privacy screen protector, eye screen protector , anti-blue light screen protector, antibacterial screen protector and environmental screen protector is increasing. Businessmen need to store a large number of mobile phone screen protector. At the same time, with the speed of mobile phone updates, the screen protector may be popular today, before long Not many people want to buy, resulting in inventory backlog.
Suitable for many products, convenient and quick“Combined with innovative technology, it can achieve customization of multiple
machines and universal use of one screen protector”.

It only takes 28 seconds to realize private customization of front and back screen protector by combining different kinds of mobile phone,iPad and iWatch.

The novice still operates quickly

Moshi intelligent screen protector cutting brings more professional customized experience.1 second boot,3 steps operation,28 seconds screen protector cutting,merchants can easily use

Special Back Film Can Bring More Fans

Moshi keeps innovating and create IP theme back screen protector such as Big mouth monkey and Marvel,and constantly refreshing the flow to a new height.At present,the sales volume of back screen protector has reached hundreds of millions,and there are 1000+ back screen protector gallery to choose from.

The machine can make a quick profit

With this machine, you can make a quick return in 8 day and earn more than 130,000-260,000 dollars in a year.

Sell well at home and abroad Moshi intelligent cloud screen protector cutting machine has been exported to more than one hundred countries and regions around the world, and continue to establish cooperative relations with major mobile phone brands,loved by young people.

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Post time: Mar-16-2022