Factory machinery introduction

Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise success. In order to ensure product quality, the company introduces international advanced testing equipment.

The company has introduced high precision CNC die cutting machine, high precision strip laminating machine, CNC cutting table, CNC laser engraving machine, hot bending machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, precision automatic laminating machine, defoaming machine, two-element image measuring instrument and other professional production and testing equipment.  Automatic production line, 1000-grade clean room, 100-grade clean room from "ultrasonic, polishing, toughening, screen printing, coating, surface treatment" a complete set of processing equipment.
The most common ones are the following.

The droplet Angle tester is used to test the wettability of liquid to solid, that is, the size of the contact Angle formed by all kinds of liquid to all kinds of solid materials to judge its wettability.  The method is to drop a droplet on the horizontal plane of a solid and test the solid-liquid-gas tri-phase junction on the solid surface. The contact Angle is formed when the liquid phase is clamped between the gas-liquid interface and the solid-liquid interface tangent lines.

Friction resistance test is used for toughened glass film products of steel velvet rigid friction, flexible friction eraser and other wear tests.  This machine is the media grinding head in a certain load, speed and times of the product back and forth test.  Falling ball test is on the toughened film test of the sample to impose a moment of impact, with the same material and the same specifications of the sample for comparison to identify the quality of the pros and cons.

Glass edge holding tester for tempered film, tempered glass, glass plate, camera glass and other products of edge holding test.  Touch screen control and display, can be replaced with different specifications of the pressure head.

There are transmittance test, high and low temperature test and so on.
You can count on the strength of our company!

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Post time: Mar-16-2022