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MoShi company teamed up to take all the company’s employees to travel and won the hearts of the people? Does the company workshop produce high-end protective film? What exhibitions has the company participated in? Today I want to take you to learn more about these.

Guangzhou MoShi has been struggling for survival in the industry for more than 15 years since its establishment. Fighting a company is not easy. In fact, making these companies survive and grow bigger and better is a test of people’s hearts. Our MoShi and all employees coexist:“People together are called gatherings, hearts together are called teams”.Our factory veterans who have been with the MoShi company for decades have regarded the company as their home. These veteran soldiers are the company’s right-hand man, trust each other, and synergize.Take all employees to travel to enhance the relationship with the company, which won the hearts of the people.

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MoShi company has the motivation to work emotionally with its employees, and produces high-end quality mobile phone/tablet protective film.The combination of machine and manual production can produce up to 3 million pieces per month.

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Now that the new crown pneumonia virus is spreading around the world, foreign businessmen cannot enter, and domestic people and businessmen cannot go out. Most of theexhibitions have been cancelled. The photos of the overseas exhibitions the company has participated in in the past have become the company’s commemorative exhibits.

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Guangzhou MoShi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is constantly growing. There is a strong backing inside and a reliable partner outside. That’s why we can produce high-end quality phone/tablet screen protectors. We have always been adhering to the firm philosophy of “A tempered glass screen protector can protector the screen .A heart focuses on our China smart manufacture.”The craftsmanship of MoShi pursues to be a boutique,which only that MoShi has been considering to “be a world-class screen protector manufacturer”as its expectation and mission to achieve.

Post time: Mar-16-2022