Tribute to mother, gratitude to mother’s love

The first bird song in the morning wakes up the deep sleep, and a new day begins; the first cry in life wakes up the mother's love, and a new life sets sail. In Moshi heart, motherhood and love are equal, and motherhood is forever. On Mother's Day, we honor mothers! We are grateful for motherly love!


From an early age, children feel the warmth of love from their mothers. In the mother's arms to suck milk, input energy for the growth of life; hold the mother's hand to cross the road, to create a safe escort for life. No matter how good the grandmother is, no matter how good the grandmother is, the child’s favorite is still his mother. This kind of love is nurtured by a mother's natural love for her child, and it is nurtured by a mother's acquired love for her child. A mother's love for her child is a natural gene flowing from material life and spiritual life. The mother loves the child, the child loves the mother, it is inborn, this is the greatest love in the world.


Although my mother will leave us one day, but even if she leaves us, that love still lives in my heart. Mother's story is the teaching material of life, we will always read and review it from time to time, absorb the nourishment of love, and feel the beauty of warmth. Mother's voice, face and smile are the most beautiful sculptures in our hearts, standing on the long river of spirit, enlightening our life. When the mother's body disappeared from the world, the mother's life became an inextinguishable beacon in our hearts. The inextinguishable light always illuminates our journey, and the not cold heat always warms our struggle. Think of the mother, then, we cheer up, we are high, the mother gave us life, we should make the brilliance of this life worthy of the mother.


       Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to mothers, and the Chinese mother flower is Hemerocallis, also called Wangyoucao, which I prefer. Because in front of our mother, we will really forget all our sorrows. In Liaoning Province of our country, there is a story of "Wang'er Mountain". It is about a mother looking forward to the return of her son who went to sea. He looked at it every day, and later, it turned into a mountain. This is the most vivid comment on the worry of the mother who travels thousands of miles, and it is also a portrayal of the mother watching the return of the child from the door. With such a mother, all sorrows are not called sorrows and should be forgotten. Honoring one's mother and being grateful for her love is one of the most respected virtues in China. If a person does not honor his mother and is not grateful for his mother's love, he will be despised by others.


When I was a child, my mother told me that the sea was my hometown. Now that I think about it, a mother’s love is the sea of my hometown. A child with a mother is like a piece of treasure, and a child without a mother is like a grass. This is the most authentic interpretation of mother’s love. On the banks of the Yellow River, there is a sculpture - the Mother of the Yellow River. The "mother" lying on her side has a loving face, her body is like water, her hair is like water, and she leans on the water. Next to him is the "child". Naive and carefree, naive. This is the most vivid display of maternal love. On Mother's Day, let's pay tribute to mother and be grateful. Mother's love, one's own mother, the mother of the world; the living mother, the dead mother. Mother is always the saint in our hearts, and mother's love is always the fountain of our life.


Post time: May-12-2022