TPU Screen Protector

Protective film, in terms of function, is to put a layer of film on the physical object we want to protect so that it will not be damaged. Now there are AR anti-reflective film, AG frosted anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film on the world , privacy film and other functional protective films. However, the impact resistance of these protective films is poor, and it is easy to burst after the electronic product screen receives a certain amount of impact. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a protective film that is not only impact-resistant and explosion-proof, but also has high transparency and high definition.


TPU Film also known as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, it is mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type. It has a wide range of hardness, high mechanical strength, outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance, shock absorption, excellent cold resistance, good mechanical performance, and oil resistance. , water resistance, mold resistance, good recyclability, is a very good environmental protection material, and the application of TPU to the improved digital product protective film has a good market prospect.


In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, the purpose of this utility model is to provide a kind of protection device for the panel surface (glass, acrylic or PC material), CRT, touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera PDA panel used to protect the flat panel display. High-transparency and high-definition protective film with impact resistance and explosion-proof performance.

The thickness of the TPU coating 2 is preferably 140 to 160 μm, if the thickness of the TPU coating 2 is less than 140 μm, the impact resistance and anti-cracking performance will be reduced, and if the thickness of the TPU coating 2 is greater than 160 μm, it will be It increases the production cost and reduces the overall transmittance and clarity of the protective film.

Post time: Sep-22-2022