Samsung S22 series

Samsung did not seem to be doing so well in the market for its latest mobile phones, as many foldable models have turned away consumers due to price and practicality.  Still, there are legions of fans waiting for Samsung's next generation, such as the recently hotly anticipated S22 series.  Samsung S22's bezels have been further narrowed, and the most important thing is that Samsung S22's four bezels are equally wide. As a result, THE S22 will bring the ultimate screen ratio, and the positive visual effect will have a great impact.

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The S22 and S22 + phones still have rounded corners on the front, while the s22Ultra has a right-angled curved screen.  And with a front-facing camera right above and below the screen, the s22Ultra's tempered glass screen protector not only has holes, but it also has a curved screen. Please believe that the strength of our factory can unlock fingerprints with or without holes.

We will add Samsung S22 green screen protector, blue screen protector,3D privacy full cover tempered etched glass screen protector and so on.

In the tempered glass screen protector packaging, we have also changed the previous consistent style.

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In terms of the camera lens on the back of the phone, the S22 and S22 + are similar to the previous generation, with two rounded corners and two right angles on the raised part of the camera.  The tempered glass screen protector is also flat, but the s22Ultra has six holes.In terms of the size of the arcs and the openings, the workmanship needs to be very precise without making any mistakes.

Back stick is actually very simple, we usually use hd soft film, this time Samsung S22 series of mobile phone behind the color are particularly good-looking, high definition soft film can not only protect the back of the phone, but also show its color.

Post time: Jan-08-2022