OPPO Reno 8

There are clear sky blue, tipsy, night travel black three colors.

Beautiful, better shot: cloud double mirror design;  50 million water light portrait three photography;  32 million super-sensitive cat eye lenses.

Strong performance: longevity version 80W super flash charge;  Phecda 1300 flagship chip;  Maximum memory combination 12GB+256GB.

Smooth machine: 90Hz high sense esports screen;  36 months smooth twin engine;  ColorOS 12.1.

OPPO Reno 81

OPPO Reno8 Pro

Three colors: tipsy, encounter blue, night travel black.

Unlike OPPO Reno8 Pro+, the first generation snapdragon 7 mobile platform, 120Hz E4 ultra clear screen.

OPPO Reno 82 OPPO Reno 83

OPPO Reno8 Pro+

There are also three colors, roaming gray, carefree green, dark chung black.

Portrait strength: research mariana MariSiliconX chip;  Front and rear double flagship portrait lens;  Chip-level 4K ultra clear night view video.

Comprehensive performance upgrade: Gueda 8100-MAX;  Longevity 80W Super flash charger;  120Hz OLED ultra clear screen.

High appearance level: cloud double mirror design;  Aviation aluminum straight edge metal frame;  36 months smooth twin engine.

Reasons for choosing OPPO Reno8 Pro+ : the first self-developed image chip, flagship image configuration, and with flagship portrait lens and OPPO unique portrait algorithm matrix, the formation of a professional dual-core portrait photography system, to create clear details, real color shooting effect.  TSMC 5nm, advanced process technology.  32 million super sensitive cat eye lens, front autofocus system, 50 million SONY flagship big bottom main camera, 4 times 1080P video hd quality, every frame is ultra hd night photo.  Without fear of backlight, transparent and clear, the bright part is exposed, while the dark part has details, the original texture level selfie, every inch of skin is beautiful, taking the original breathing feeling, one billion colors delicate display, high brush smooth.  Thin and light hand feel, comfortable fingertips, charge to 100% in 31 minutes, double battery life, system load reduction, smooth at all times.

Post time: Jun-15-2022