New Products–Tempered film with dust-free warehouse quick paste box

The name of this product is very high when you hear it. Yes, it is a product with a sense of technology. Dust-free warehouse tempered film quick paste box—is the new product of our company. This dust-free warehouse quick-stick box is a film artifact that has undergone many transformations and upgrades.

New Products--Tempered film wi3

It is not only fast but also accurate, the point is that you will no longer worry about the unprofessional situation that the film will have dust on the phone screen. Put it on, cover and pull it out, and you’re done with a tempered film.

New Products--Tempered film wi1

This dust-free storage box is not only convenient to stick the film, it is also environmentally friendly and can be reused all the time. What I want to say is that the quality of this matching tempered film is even better which O-shaped folds are not broken. To be honest, this product has appeared a few months ago, but it is not perfect. Why do we say that because of poor consideration? For example, the rearview lens of the iPhone 13 series protrudes out of the phone body, so if If there is no precise opening in the rear view lens, the problem is big, and the whole tempered film cannot be pasted well.

New Products--Tempered film wi2

So after several months of research and development and updates, the iPhone 13 series is more perfect compared to the previous ones, with precise rear-view mirror openings, and there are many other brands of models, such as iPhone, Samsung, and Honor series. , Huawei series, Xiaomi series and more mobile phones are being issued in succession to medium-sized. This product is the most outstanding version at present, but with the development of science and technology in the future and the increasing demand and upgrading of products by consumers, there may be new and more advanced ones, let us wait and see.. ..

Post time: Jun-15-2022