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New products are on the market, hot Sale , shock is coming, The tempered glass screen protector of the the tempered glass screen protector is made of the high aluminum glass + South Korea AB glue,the most quality products are yours, It only takes 30 seconds to finish the screen protector, Simple and convenient ,Clearer light transmittance of 94%, ultra-low reflection, oil way with electroplating oil, wear-resistant rub, film craftsman protective film not only protects your mobile phone, but also can prevent the screen from falling to the ground broken screen, simple, cost saving, privacy protection.

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Moshi craftsman privacy screen protector , If you do not take preventive measures, Private information can easily become public knowledge, Moshi Craftsman Privacy Screen meets the new standard of privacy protection.Keeps your valuable information private without compromising screen clarity.

The Manufacturer Moshi Craftsman Privacy Screen reduces the viewing angle of the phone screen, protecting information and sensitive data from prying eyes in offices or public places.
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Privacy Screen reduces the viewing angle of the phone’s screen and protects information and sensitive data from prying eyes in offices or public places,2.5D Silk printing tempered glass screen protector hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance, oil repellent, clean to the end, super toughness professional equipment to support high precision and smooth quality assurance, refuse to screen protection broken edge.

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1.Material :High aluminum tempered glass +Korea AB Glue
2.Thickness :0.33mm
3.Tempered time :4 hour
4.Oiling: electroplating oiling
5.Ball drop test: 120cm/64g
6.Water drop angle test: 118 plus or ± 2° before grinding, 110 plus or ±2° after grinding
7.Abrasion test: 3000 times of abrasion resistance
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The steps of the tempered glass screen protector master craftsman
Wipe the screen with an alcohol bag and clean it.
Dry the screen with a cleaning cloth.
Remove that adsorbed fine dust by use a dust remover.
Localizer clamps the mobile phone and places it gently ,Slide to exhaust and wait for automatic adsorption and fitting. The arrow is in the upper direction of the mobile phone receiver.
Tear off the traction mark and take away the protective layer .
Align the position and clamp the mobile phone 8. Slide and press .
From right to left with the index finger, and then slide and press .
From top to bottom, and then wait for its automatic adsorption and attachment.
Press the center with the finger, and take out the film frame .
If there are bubbles, use the scratch card to arrange them to the side.

Post time: Mar-09-2022