Moshi 2022 Annual Meeting Sweepstakes

Time flies, time flies, 2021 has passed in the twinkling of an eye, and 2022 is coming to us full of expectations. On the afternoon of January 24th 2022, factory director Li Jun and manager Richard sent us New Year red envelopes, and everyone’s faces appeared bright smiles, such as blue waves with clear eyes.

Qiu Chairman: “In the past year, Guangzhou Moshi Electronic Technology Co Ltd. has overcome many difficulties and achieved many goals. In the future, we will build a better platform, explore better projects and advance to higher goals. Now the company’s members are gradually increasing, and the company’s foreign trade business and products are gradually taking shape, which also has great potential and energy. All these can not be separated from the cultivation and efforts of all members of the company, expecting employees to show more enthusiasm and passion to meet new challenges.

In 2022, Moshi will become better and stronger. I hope that the whole company will unite like family members, show passion and drive, and we have the ability to fight for our cause and the future of Moshi! Then all the staff gave the warmest applause.

Next, the directors of Moshi also made speeches, summarized the development of 2021, and put forward prospects for the new year, while the leaders also placed deep hopes and New Year’s wishes on you. All employees and leaders of Guangzhou Moshi Electronic Technology Co Ltd, took a group photo together.

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In the new year, new goals and hopes are nurtured, and the annual dinner gathering of Guangzhou Moshi Electronic Technology Co Ltd. was solemnly held on January 24th 2022.

Leaders, directors, partners, industry leaders and all colleagues of Guangzhou Moshi Electronics Co Ltd. gathered together to celebrate.
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The scene of the lottery was full of passion, enthusiasm and active atmosphere.
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The annual meeting not only had dinner together, but also provided a stage for employees to show themselves, led by the leadership, which brought continuous applause for performances, singing and so on. Everyone devoted themselves to it, showing the happy atmosphere of the big family, singing together that tomorrow will be better, and drawing a grand plan for the future.

The dancing part of the live lottery not only brings laughter and laughter to everyone, but also makes the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.

With the progress of the activities, everyone’s enthusiasm has constantly set off the climax of the activities. The leaders of the company had a cordial conversation with the employees and raised their glasses to celebrate the new year! The whole annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

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Say goodbye to the brilliant year of 2021 and Moshi the hard year of 2022.

With passion, in the face of 2022, we will not slack off, we are not afraid, there are better projects waiting for us to develop, there is a larger market waiting for us to conquer, and there is a more spectacular cause waiting for US to sprinkle wisdom and talent, let us use confidence and courage together, swagger, to write a more brilliant future of Moshi Electronic Technology Co Ltd.

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