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The mobile phone screen tempered protective film is only a small part of the iceberg of mobile phone accessories, but it belongs to the industry of mobile phone accessories and consumer electronics products. Today’s news is about “the struggle for survival in the mobile phone tempered protective film industry”?

We all know that this mobile phone screen tempered film industry is not only one product, it has all kinds of bells and whistles. With tempered film ceramic film plastic film that it’s just a big variety of it. As far as the market price of tempered film is concerned, there are several cents, several tens of dollars, even hundreds of dollars. As a result, there is no quality assurance in the low-end market; high-quality products in the high-end market. As the saying goes in business, “you get what you get for every penny, good products are not cheap, and cheap ones are not good”. This refers to the quality of goods.What is called a product without quality, that is, the bare chips sold in large quantities for a few cents in the market have no quality inspection, because the quality inspection is time-consuming and labor-intensive. This is also the so-called good price must not be cheap, cheap must not be beautiful.

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Most of the products with low prices and no quality requirements are exported to Africa and India or some countries and regions with relatively backward economies. The market for high-quality products with prices as high as tens or even hundreds of dollars is aimed at developed countries. For example, countries in Europe and the United States, Japan .The sales price is so high-quality, it’s not much different, but the reason why the price is so high may be that there are some middlemen (wholesalers, distributors) taking commission and profit factors in it.

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The current development prospects of electronic consumer products are still very good, but they are too mixed.If you want to occupy the leader of this industry, you have to continue to work hard, stand on the shoulders of giants and watch the industry pattern change, and the revolution has not yet succeeded.

Post time: Jun-15-2022