Guangzhou International Electronics&Smart Appliances EXPO

In order to encourage enterprises to innovate in science and technology, establish the integrity brand of domestic high-end electronic products, create the image of high-end electronic products, and promote the healthy development of the industry, it is very meaningful to participate in the exhibition.

The recent two exhibitions are as follows:

2021.9.4-6 Guangzhou International Electronics&Smart Appliances EXPO.
Guangzhou MoShi has been deeply engaged in the field of the tempered glass screen protector for more than ten years,and has been adhering to the concept of “focus, innovation, win-win, long-term”.Our slogan is:focus on quality,consistent!

We use red as the main color of the exhibition,because red is bright and will attract people’s attention.The walls are covered with our packaging and the tables are covered with our vaeious types of products.The purpose of participating in the exhibition is to show our company’s tempered glass screen protector,so that more people know our Guangzhou Moshi.

2021.12.10-12 Global Consumer Electronics Guangzhou EXPO.This is the first large-scale exhibition held offline by Global Resources.The company through the ISO 9001 quality management system,ISO4001 environmental management system, EU BSCI certification .And successfully selected as MFI, Alibaba, Global Sources best suppliers.Now,with COVID-19,we can’t go to other countries to participate in the exhibition,and although the number of people who come to the exhibition is not as large as before,we still see a lot of foreign friends and meet many new friends.

As exhibitors at the fair we can face to face with purchasing decision makers, explore potential customers, not only can display on the website and media and reported in the new exhibition products, grasp the latest industry policy, to strengthen the communication and collaboration between enterprises can also and the mainstream media in-depth cooperation, comprehensive propaganda show before and after the exhibition in the exhibition.
Moshi!Hearts and crafts technology, into the high-quality goods!Tempered glass screen protector,you deserve it!


Post time: Mar-04-2022