Development is getting faster and faster, and science and technology are constantly advanced

In today’s society, development is getting faster and faster, and science and technology are constantly advanced.Now there is a mobile phone toughened protective film and film as one of the film.

With the appearance of this film stick artifact,to solve the problem that everyone sticks mobile phone screen protector, the film sticks crooked or the position is not accurate enough.

Droplet Angle test 117°to 119°.Tempering time 4 hours, electroplating coating, wear resistance 3000 times.  The drop ball test uses a 64G solid ball hit three times at a height of 120cm without breaking, with an inverted edge of 60C.High definition, screen printing, anti-peep three options.  Hd film makes mobile phone screen clear, hd and transparent, fingerprint proof.  Silk screen film edge secondary enhancement, anti – scratch, anti – oil.  Anti-peep film 30° for privacy and anti-breakage.

Do you know how to install this mobile phone film and patch film as one of the artifact? First wipe the phone screen with an alcohol bag and clean it , then wipe it with a dry mirror cloth.Use dust extractor to absorb dust.The arrow is above the handest,take off the traction mark and take away the protective layer. Lock your phone in position.Then slide and press with your index finger from right to left,then slide and press from top to bottom.Wait for a while and take out the glue ware.This film is not only simple and convenient, easy to install, because of its precise location, but also to solve the problem that people will stick mobile phone film crooked.At present,only have iPhone11/12/13 series.

Strengthen hardness, anti-scratch wear resistance.  Oil repellent and dirt resistant, clean to the end.  Super toughness, refuse to break edge.  Professional instrument support, high precision smooth quality assurance.  Effective protection, super toughening.

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Post time: Mar-04-2022