Are mobile phones/tablets the mother of the protective film industry?

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The production of tempered protective film is needed for people's life: from the use of mobile phones/tablets, the need to protect mobile phones and tablets, and the needs of protecting people's eyes and anti-fatigue. Let us discuss in detail the above mentioned:

I don't think there's anything wrong with the mother who said that a mobile phone or tablet is a protective film because the development of the whole industry of mobile phone tempered film is closely related to the mobile phone industry.

Do you have to have a mobile phone or tablet first before you can think of protecting the screen of this product, and then you will think about protecting your eyes when you use it? No problem, it can protect the screen of the mobile phone from accidental breakage and also protect the eyes. A must for working with a mobile phone or tablet for a long period of time is for example, the green film produced by our film can resist green light; tea blue light is also the first choice for eye protection.

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In the same way, if you want to produce this protective film, do you have to know the size of this product before you can make it? Just like the newly released iPhone 13 some time ago, if you want to match the screen protector to it, you must first know its specifications and dimensions, which vary greatly is its lens film picture from 1-1(iphone12mini) to 1-2(iphone13mini).

Nowadays, as people love more and more Android phones, they tend to develop curved screens. Many brands of Android phones will have a model with a curved screen. That means that the curved protective film must innovate and develop to keep up with the trend of the times. For example, a new Oppo Find x5 mobile phone with a curved screen released on February 24. Our MoShi production has 3D hot bending electroplating full glue tempered protective film with ultrasonic or fingerprint unlocking function.

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Post time: Mar-16-2022