About Moshi information

Our company mainly produces the tempered glass screen protector for mobile phones and has more than 10 years of experience.    
Do you know how the screen protector is made?The glass was cut to look like a mobile phone, the edges were carved so it wouldn’t scratch, and then heated and tempered after polishing  .Make it hard, clean and then spray oil on the surface of the tempered glass screen protector attach the glue, and finally take it for testing.  The detection is divided into several parts: the drop Angle should be 115°, the friction resistance should be more than 1000 times, the falling ball test with 32g solid ball falling vertically, the holding edge test, the general transmittance will reach more than 85%.
We have also participated in different exhibitions, the most recent was Guangzhou International Electronic & Electrical Expo from September 4 to 6, 2021, and the Global Resource Consumer Electronics Expo from December 10 to 12, 2021.
We have three factories, one in Guangzhou panyu, two in Dongguan, so consumers can believe that our factory is a certain strength.  We have all kinds of mobile phone tempered glass screen protectors:
1.2.5D Silk Printing Tempered Glass Screen Protector.(Thickness:0.33mm/0.4mm;feature:Anti-fingerprint,Anti-oil,Added edge reinforcement.)
2.3D Epoxy Resin Tempered Glass Screen protector.(Anti-fingerprint,Anti-oil,Anti-broken)
3.3D Cold Carved Tempered Etched Glass Screen Protector.(Materials:High aluminum glass+Korea AB Glue ;Thickness:0.58mm)
4.TPU Film Screen protector.(Thickness:0.1mm)
And not only that, we also have high definition, frosted protective film, anti blue light, can protect the eyes of the green light film, to prevent others from peeping anti-peep film, the new AR anti-reflective film is to avoid the glare of using mobile phones in the sun, and so on.
We will strive to give consumers the biggest welfare, so that customers buy peace of mind, use rest assured.  
Your phone screen, we’ll protect it.
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Post time: Jan-08-2022