A Small Film Make A Big Impact On Industry

A small perfect film has an influence that you cannot underestimate in this production process industry. Today we will talk about how a small perfect film is produced and what are the effects.
The development of an industry affects the development of surrounding industries. Of course, our mobile phone tempered glass screen protector is no exception. This is a consumer electronic product with fast updates, many varieties and many categories.

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Yes, our products such as mobile phone tempered protective film are also very competitive in this consumer electronics product industry. Where there is a mobile phone and tablet for products such as protective film, there is a market; Surely, its market is indeed very wide, but the competition for such products is very fierce, because some people buy a mobile phone case and give a mobile phone protective film, but this phenomenon is very Rarely seen abroad. MoShi has complete advanced equipment, from research and development to sales. With 22 production processes including slitting ,die cutting , material cutting , fine carving , polishing , cleaning , silk screen printing , hot bending , plasma coating , testing , and packaging ,etc. Which implement 6S standardized management including: light transmission test,water drop angle test,friction resistance test,ball drop test,edge,holder test,high and low temperature test,etc.

Secondly,because such products involve many mechanical products such as: from the production source of the film, machinery is required. A square piece of glass needs to be perfectly cut into a lot of small glass models, and perfect and precise engraving requires very advanced equipment. That is film cutting machine and CNC engraving machine. It can be said that from glass to tempered film, a perfect mobile phone tempered protective film can promote the development of many mechanical industries such as cleaning machines, tempering furnaces, laminating machines, etc.


Post time: Mar-09-2022