A Film Guards The Full Screen

If you know more about it, you will know that there are many categories of such products, and each of them has various functions and corresponding functions. The following editor will take you to understand these types, functions.

First of all, there are the following two categories: soft film and hard film.There are many kinds of soft film and hard film, for example, soft film has #PET, #PMMA, #TPU, #Ceramic film.The hard film has the following including #high-definition transparency, #silk screen printing, #privacy protection, #tea blue eye, #anti-green light film, etc.Not difficult to see, these names are named after its role or function.

Soft film is generally suitable for mobile phones with folding screens.The privacy film in the tempered protective film, as the name suggests, is used to use mobile phone privacy in public without being peeped.Tea Blue Eyes is no exception. It is pasted on the screen for a long time to use mobile phones and computers to protect eyes and resist fatigue.The update of the protective film is inseparable from people’s increasing living needs. The release of new mobile phones and the advent of new tablets will bring updates to the screen protector.

This new product — comes with an #easy-to-install film artifact, it is not a problem to complete a mobile phone film in 30 seconds. With privacy, high-definition screen printing. What is the strength of this new product? The first is that it becomes very easy to stick the film on the mobile phone, and the second is the quality yyds, the ball drop test 64g solid ball over 120cm,which The water drop angle test value is 118-119°. The oiling method of this product is electroplating oiling. Our products are sold to 28 provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions , more than 200 cities in China , which more than 60 overseas countries and regions in the world.

MoShi owns a team of professionals who forge ahead will always provide you with first-class order needs on professional concept, excellent quality , as well as warm service. In the next issue, let’s talk about new products, welcome to read next time.


Post time: Mar-09-2022