UV light curing TPU film  

Features: combined with the characteristics of UV toughened film and TPU water condensation film two materials.

Visual: full screen without white edge, high definition curved bread edge.  Use: touch sensitive, seconds to unlock, thin and light feel, restore naked machine film.  Film: curved surface full screen bonding;  1:1 real machine mold, upgrade the flexible full paste, cover to the surface edge.  Close fitting does not leave gaps, no warping does not enter ash.  Properties: surface hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance, light transmittance and high definition.

Anti-scratch :1. Soft film becomes hard film, soft film with super anti-scratch performance on the surface, and can prevent all kinds of scratches by nail printing knife.  2. The product itself is soft at first, and becomes hard after light fixation, so as to be more scratch-resistant.  3. High viscosity hardened material, high hardness, resist daily all kinds of sharp scraping, close adhesion, high adsorption dust does not enter ash.  4. High transmittance material, transmittance reaches more than 90%, visual color is clearer.

Features: 1. No residual glue, no glue, UV optical curing, stable and does not fall off;  High viscosity without warping; 2. Through optical curing, the film fits seamlessly with the mobile phone, while the surface material achieves high hardening strength; 3. Scratch-proof and durable;  Optical curing has the texture of glass, so that the soft film becomes the general texture of glass; 4. Optical grade fully transparent composite material, does not block the screen, high light transmittance.

Advantages: both anti-scratch and hardness of the toughened film, and the characteristics of the soft film full curved screen without warping.  The water coagulation film is not scratch resistance to make up for the shortcomings, increase the durability of the film.  It can increase scratch resistance without losing the bare machine feel of the hydrocoagulant film.  Fit curing surface forming, fully fit surface edge.  No jam, no top film, do not affect the wearing of mobile phone protective case.  High hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance.

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Post time: May-12-2022