New in May: Paper Screensavers

The iPad is a powerful invention, by using Apple Pencil you can turn your iPad into a creative office tool. Whether you are drafting, writing notes or conceiving a huge idea. By quickly write it down, you can keep inspired. However, it is not a pleasant experience writing and painting on smooth glass. The new product of MOSHI allows you to have a better writing experience on your iPad and enjoy the convenience brought to you by electronic products.


iPad has become the standard digital tool for designers, sought after for its powerful performance and outstanding design and drawing capabilities.

The problem is that the Apple Pencil's damping is too weak to simulate writing on paper well. Luckily, flat paper-style screen protectors designed for drawing and writing have excellent reflective and anti-glare effects for a more comfortable writing experience.


Unlike ordinary screen protectors, the surface of the paper screen protector has a delicate matte texture, and the film is attached to the tablet for a natural brushed effect. No slipping, sticking and disconnecting. In addition, the matte surface effectively reduces the interference of the screen under the sun, so that the screen is clear and delicate when you read.

perfect thickness

The new screen protector is only 0.19mm thick. The surface of the paper screen protector has been specially treated, which does not affect pencil drawings. Every point, line and surface is under control. The ultra-thin thickness makes you fearless on the screen.


The material of the paper screen protector is carefully selected considering function and color, transmittance and brightness. The surface of the paper-like film is polarized, which can effectively prevent the intake of glare and show the true painting color. Whether it is creation or viewing, it can make the color performance more realistic and delicate. Bringing a better writing and depiction experience.The screen protector combines the soft and smooth texture of paper, effectively restoring the strong touch of paper painting. The polymer material effectively protects the screen, so that your tablet can be used for a long time and still fresh.


Post time: May-12-2022