Exquisite 2.5D Silk Printing Tempered Glass

Product name:2.5D Silk Printing tempered glass screen protector

The biggest characteristic: edge secondary enhancement.

Product description:

1.Material: imported south glass high aluminum-silicon glass material, ultra-high light transmittance, up to 93%.

2.Coating: imported nano-layer fingerprint oil layer, oil-repellent effect of water droplets present spherical, oil-repellent effect is good, the screen is cleaner.

3.Coating process: adopting new ion pressing film process, the touch sensitivity is 30% higher than ordinary toughened film.

4.Toughening effect: full 3 hours of toughening time, scratch hardness really reached 9H.

5.Glue coating: imported AB glue;  Superior adsorption and exhaust, eliminate snow patterns.

6.Precision technology 2.5D arc edge, using advanced technology precision chamfering 2.5D arc edge, give the mobile phone better feel when using.

7.The surface of the toughened film is uniformly coated with nano-coating, which can reach the droplet Angle of 115° or more after testing. It has anti-scratch and smooth effect, and can be bead resistant to fingerprint and hand sweat.  Easy to fit, anti-scratch and scratch-resistant, hd and bright, does not affect touch, double plasma feel good, keep the screen as long as new;  Integrated shape, better protection effect, full vision, do not block the screen, extend to the arc edge.

Chemical properties: solution resistance, hydrolysis resistance, mold resistance, environmental resistance, good chemical stability;  Feel smooth without obvious resistance.

Mechanical properties: excellent wear resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and low temperature elasticity.

Good temperature resistance:can maintain long-term toughness in the range of -60℃ – 200℃.

Property characteristics: transmittance 92% (±2%);  Restore high definition.

Physical characteristics: pencil hardness of about 9H;  Abrasion resistance is not easy to deformation;  Strong and tough, excellent tensile and tearing strength, small compression deformation.

Surface hydrophobic characteristics: drop Angle ≥115°;  After 3000 times of friction, the droplet Angle is above 105°.

Exquisite 2.5D Silk Printing T1 Exquisite 2.5D Silk Printing T2 Exquisite 2.5D Silk Printing T3 Exquisite 2.5D Silk Printing T4

Post time: Jun-15-2022